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Waterever Freediving

Explore a whole new World!

Looking for an adventure like never before? You've found the right place! With ocean, lakes, underwater canyons at our doorsteps in British Columbia Canada, the possbility of your wild adventure is limitless!


With the highest standard of freediving offered by AIDA, we are here to teach everything you need to know in order to keep you safe and happy for every underwater journey!


My name is Calros Zhu, I’m an AIDA Freediving Instructor fluent in both Chinese and English. I was born in Hangzhou China, and immigrated to Vancouver Canada at young age. Inspired by the beauty of both cities with their landscape, I started working as an environment artist for video games, then developed a career in Real Estate and Finance. Even though my career changed, but the artist in me never left. Years later as I travelled around the world I started explore the underwater beauty with scuba diving.


During one of my trips in 2019 I was introduced to freediving in Panglao, Philippines. I saw how people can dive into the ocean with one single breath and explore the beautiful reef, swim with colorful tropical fish, or the biggest fish like a whale shark. I was then instantly hooked to the sport, I continued educate myself about freediving in Vancouver local waters, as well in the beautiful cenotes of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.


My freediving experience in Philippines, 2019

Beautiful cenotes in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 2021

Now I want to share this beautiful sport to anyone who is interested in the underwater world. In British Columbia, Canada it’s famous for it’s beauty of ocean, lakes, and mountains. With the skills and safety knowledge learned from AIDA freediving course. You can explore the underwater beauty with ease.


Whether your passion is to swim with the fish, dance with the sea lions, harvest delicious seafood during summer camping trip or simply wish to explore the wonders of underwater landscape, you can do it all with freediving!

Harvesting seafood while freediving is a fun and enjoyable activity, but make sure you obey the local fishing regulations

But the beauty of being underwater doesn’t quite stop with just the sight seeing. You will find greater relaxation and mental clarity everytime as you enter the water. And this has driven me to explore further into the sport of freediving, which allows improve my physical and mental health.

In the modern world where our day to day lives can be very stressful, I believe freediving is an activity that allows you to find quite and peace, so that you can be recharged and be able to face any challenges in life!

So join me and get started with freediving! I guarantee you that you will not only amazed by what you will see with your eyes, but also how good you feel within, and it will be an adventure for a life time!


Carlos Zhu

Waterever Freediving

Founder and Freediving Instructor

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