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  • What equipment do I need to participate for all the courses?
    Here is a list of items which you will need to freedive in the NorthWest Pacific(BC) waters: +Freediving wetsuit 5mm/7mm (2 pieces with no zipper preferred) +Gloves and socks 3mm/5mm +Mask and Snorkel (soft) +Weight belt and weights +Fins (long freediving fins preferred) All above items are not included in the course price, they can be either purchased or rented, it is highly recommended that you have your own gears for best suitability and preformance.
  • Do I need to be certified to participate all the specialty courses and excursions?
    Yes, you can hold certification from any agency. It is important that you are comfortable in water and developed safety skills that are taught in the certification courses.
  • Is water in B.C. Canada Cold? Can I freedive without a wetsuit?
    It is highly recommend that you wear a wetsuit to enter the lakes or ocean in B.C. The average temperature here are around 6°C during winter, no more than 20°C (surface only) during even the hottest days of summer. Swim or freediving in such condition can be very risky unless you are very experienced with cold water. Wearing a well-fitted wetsuit with the proper thickness in order to stay comfortable and for long period of time.
  • Why do I need to take a freediving course if I can just buy gears and jump in the water?
    Of course it is possible for you to buy all the gear and jump into the water like how swimmers do. But it will be extremely unsafe since without a course you will have no idea what happens to your body at depth, and how to safely practice freediving. Taking a course allows you to not only dive safely, but most importantly you will be able to dive longer, deeper, and enjoy your dive very comfortably.
  • What is your course cancellation/refund policy?
    100% refund if the cancellation is at fault of Waterever Freediving. If you need to cancel course attendance please email for more details.
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